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Friday, 19 August 2011

An iftar with Mr Italiano :-P

I had an iftar with an Italian today. What? Yup, an Italian! I guess I am so lucky to befriend an Italian all this while hahaha. Anyway, thanks Mr Italiano for sharing your little secret way back at PPP ITM. I wondered where's that English lecturer now?

By the way, what does an average Italian look like? Well, that depends. Northern, Southern, and Sicilian Italians all are different people. Northern Italians tend to be taller, blue eyed, blond hair, kind of a pinkish skin tone, some kind of Nordic.

While Southern Italians are of olive skin but kind of short.

Sicilians are very dark, have thick wavy black hair, usually kind of short and not to be offensive but have big noses sometimes. Sicilians are the Italians that are mostly seen in the USA. Italians are awesome, very nice and friendly people. Jamie Oliver once said, "Go to Italy and meet the people. They're so awesome and nice to others, even if you're some wierdo from America, they'll still be nice to you" :)
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