"" THE ROAD NOT TAKEN: Rasa tiada jiwa?


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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Rasa tiada jiwa?

Sekosong jiwa yang tiada

Good night everyone, hopefully tomorrow I shall find my soul and update this blog on a regular basis again.

I'm so tired of this soul-searching thingy but having fun in racing my way to work VERY early in the morning.  Oh how I miss long distance travelling!

Each day seems to be very long and time moves extremely slow here, guess I miss my Cinta so much...  hatiku tertinggal di sana, jauhnya nak pergi ambik *sigh

1 comment:

hidaia kun said...

awak jangan sedih2..u're not alone in this world..really!! one day you will find your soul again..cheer up okay =)