"" THE ROAD NOT TAKEN: Needless to say I had the LAST LAUGH!


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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Needless to say I had the LAST LAUGH!

As someone who is lately being bullied, I sometimes feel annoyed and battered.  They may laugh at me and make fun of me but in the end they lose!  And today, I wished I can shout out loud, "I AM THE LAST PERSON LAUGHING!!!"

HA HA HA... it is all worth it in the end.   Gue nampak lu TERKESIMA today.  Itulah lain kali jangan asyik nak mengenakan orang, kang hari ni dah terkena balikkk...

Apapun, gue wished lu, "Best of Luck!    Lights...Camera...Action!" -- think I'll enjoy the show and hope you won't drag me down into your stinking sinking ship.

FYI, I've been planning this for quite some time and I knew you never expect it to be this way.  Next time, don't trust me when I lie low.  You'll be very surprised!

Needless to say folks, today is the best day in my life


Romzi said...

revenge? aint it sweet?

NAZ said...

As Robert F. Kennedy once said, "Don't get mad, get even"