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Friday, 1 January 2010

My Outlook for 2010?

Found this article in my inbox, sent by Uncle Yahoo...hahaha.  Eclipse in January?  Yes, it's happening now, I'm experiencing it now!   I've been pushed around by the powers that be ahem almaklumlah she thinks she's more powerful than God....Yeah, continue your act of playing God,  I'll step aside and enjoy the view.

Eventually (As usual),  I am the one who shall have the last laugh!  Well...well my dear Madam, You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.  Let it be, I won't bother any of your personal requests anymore!  Pe, pe hal lu buat lah sendiri!  Wa wat bodo jer...

Anyway, there's some truth in the first paragraph but the rest seems to be ?????

Aries Outlook for 2010

Year 2010 Career

Brace yourself for big changes in your work and money life, Aries! This is the year when a lot of your past potential and promise come out. Two eclipses in your career sector (one in January and one in July) will set the stage for a major shift. Some of this will be the fulfillment of things you've been working on quietly for some time, and part of this will simply be thrust on you by circumstance.

Either way, change is good, and will lead to a greater sense of long-term fulfillment on your part. Pluto also continues its long-term travel through your job zone. Pluto is a planet that demands a deep and committed response, whether you thought you were ready for it or not. This isn't at all necessarily bad or difficult news. No one is every 100 percent happy with their work and money life, it seems, and that basic sense of mild ongoing dissatisfaction can be what propels you towards greater career heights. June and July may see you seriously contemplating a change in direction as far as what you do for a living. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities.

As far as actual cash on hand, the news appears to be more good than bad -- especially in September and October. The last year probably wasn't too comfortable (but lacked any serious shortages). The next year will provide stability. No big lottery wins, in other words, but lots of chances to get smaller expenses in line. Keep an eye on the pennies, and the dollars will take care of themselves.

Year 2010 Romantic

There's a lot of activity in your love life this year -- you'll be a little like a Ram in springtime! Most importantly (and regardless of what state your romantic life is in now), Saturn in your house of committed relationships is going to have you closely questioning and examining any partnerships you may currently have. If you have nothing on the go like that now, you will still find that your attitude towards long-term commitments is likely to undergo a lot of change. You will likely find you take the entire subject more seriously -- or the subject will take you more seriously! 

If there is an existing committed relationship, your partner is going to be a valuable source of grounding for you this year. Old issues will be bubbling to the surface (especially in September and October) that may prove to be a challenge. More likely, though, what will be challenged are your preconceptions about that other person in your life, what they mean to you, and what responses this should draw from you.

As far as the potential for new romance (or injecting new life into an existing one), July and August bring new life. If there was ever a year to find new love on summer vacation, this is it!
Regardless of the state of your love life, you'll certainly be drawing a lot of attention this year. The first three months of 2010 will find your stock rising with others. Iif you're looking to develop something new, January through March is your best time to be in circulation. Chances are excellent that love will find you

March Arians

  • Mar 31 Al Gore
  • Mar 24 Alyson Hannigan
  • Mar 22 Andrew Lloyd Weber
  • Mar 25 Annabella Sciorra
  • Mar 25 Aretha Franklin
  • Mar 30 Celine Dion
  • Mar 23 Chaka Khan
  • Mar 31 Christopher Walken
  • Mar 26 Diana Ross
  • Mar 29 Elle Macpherson
  • Mar 22 Elvis Stojko
  • Mar 30 Eric Clapton
  • Mar 26 Erica Jong
  • Mar 31 Ewan McGregor
  • Mar 31 Giovanni Ribisi
  • Mar 25 Gloria Steinem
  • Mar 26 Jennifer Grey
  • Mar 28 Julia Stiles
  • Mar 23 Keri Russell
  • Mar 24 Lawrence Ferlinghetti
  • Mar 29 Lucy Lawless
  • Mar 27 Mariah Carey
  • Mar 21 Matthew Broderick
  • Mar 30 Paul Reiser
  • Mar 22 Reese Witherspoon
  • Mar 21 Rosie O'Donnell
  • Mar 25 Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Mar 27 Sarah Vaughan
  • Mar 25 Sir Elton John
  • Mar 24 Steve McQueen
  • Mar 26 Steven Tyler
  • Mar 30 Tracy Chapman
  • Mar 28 Vince Vaughn
  • Mar 30 Warren Beatty

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