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Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Hahaha...This is a useful tip for those management people who are either too busy or too DUMB to think of any good new ideas on certain project.  Just call a meeting and let the staff do the thinking.  One sure thing, you can show the staff that you are superior than them, hope some of them will worship you like GOD (Oh no!) and think you are a GENIUS!  

But please remember that some of them cannot be fooled, eventually they will know your trend and end up feeling very 'menyampah' whenever there's a meeting!  Fortunately, they will enjoy all the meetings as a mean of resting, relaxing and enjoying the crap during working hours.  Most of them will pretend to be very serious and engaged in deep discussions! (maybe just to impress you and extend the meeting hours!) but a crap is as a crap does!

By the way, please learn how to pronounce the word 'CORPORATE' properly, if not you might be a laughing-stock for the day...Jangan marah saya, Madam!

N.B.  :   Laughing-stock = A figure or object of ridicule and laughter.

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