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Friday, 4 December 2009


USM EDUCATION SHOWCASE ’09 marks the closing of the USM 40th Anniversary Celebration as well as apart of the Postgraduate Month Celebration. It is held at the Impiana KLCC Hotel & Spa, Kuala Lumpur on 5 and 6 December 2009. The theme of this USM EDUCATION SHOWCASE is experiencing the USM life. It welcomes visitors to taste the total experience of students, as an undergraduate, as a postgraduate, and eventually as an alumni.

While displaying the quality academic and research experience that USM can offer, which include the excellent academicians, programmes, research facilities, studios, and workshops, this Showcase also introduces the casual, the real and the total USM experience. It presents student activities, co-curriculums, sports and the campus environment, which we believe contribute equally towards the development of good quality graduates.

In many cases, these informal experience, leave lasting and memorable experience in one’s campus life. It portrays a University in a garden, already synonym with USM, and many of our sustainable initiatives, to reflect not only a challenging university life, but also enjoyable and colourful one.

Date : 5 & 6 December 2009
Time : 9.00am – 6.00pm
Place : Impiana KLCC Hotel & Spa Kuala Lumpur

Main Showcases
This Showcase brings together three major components of USM life. There are:

1.Undergraduate Admission & Student Affairs
This section describes the requirements and procedures on becoming an undergraduate student of this APEX university, where USM enjoys the privilege to select its students before others, reflecting a rigorous selection process and competitiveness. This section also explains the Munsyi Aptitude Test. An online application for the Distance Education as well as information on the social life in USM, encompassing the sports, co-curriculum, and the general campus environments. There will be also continuous cultural presentations by both students and the trainers.

2.Postgraduate Studies
This section explains detail information on the postgraduate programmes offered by USM at both Masters and Phd levels. It covers all study modes, by mixed modes, by course works, and by research, which offers over 900 research fields. It also focuses on various financial supports available to eligible students which include the Vice-Chancellor Awards, USM Fellowships, Graduate Teaching Assistant Scheme as well as the Postgraduate Research Grant Scheme, the Graduate Fund, and many other external funding institutions like Khazanah National, and Third World Academy of Science-USM (TWAS-USM) Fellowships, and IDB.

We invite all alumni of USM to be apart of the circle. This Showcase covers various activities and initiatives by Alumni. USM Alumni also offers free career talks by prominent leaders of the industries such as Dr Mohamad Hatta Azad Khan and a free workshop on How to start your business studies.
Major events of this Showcase include a chat session with the vice-chancellor Prof Tan Sri Dzuklifli Abdul Razak, presenting an exclusive face-to-face chat session opportunity with the USM Vice-Chancellor. Open to high achievers with high CGPA. Selected students from this session will be awarded the USM Fellowships and the Postgraduate Research grants.

There will also session on BUILDING YOUR CAREER IN USM that spells out various career opportunities in USM, both as academicians and non-academicians. Among the many opportunities include information on how to become lecturers, research officers, post-doctorate researchers, visiting scholars, research fellows, and administrators.

This Showcase also hosts an exhibition that marks the closing of the colourful USM 40th Anniversary celebration as well as descriptions on the APEX initiatives. In conjunction with this event, USM take this opportunity to welcome Ambassadors and education attaches from various embassies to a special hi-tea with the Vice-Chancellors and the university leaders. USM also hosts an appreciation dinner dedicated to the stakeholders of USM education—as a gesture of gratitude to individuals and institutions that contribute to the growth of this university.

•For further information, please contact the Secretariat at 04-653-2360
Source : USM

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