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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

It's pretty annoying and congratulations you've got my attention!

“Okay,” I replied. “Then what is that monkey most worried about?”

That monkey is most worried that you will prove it wrong and nothing is impossible. That is its greatest fear.”

Hmmm…..interesting. Now that is a thought.
The monkey is expecting me to surrender and become the biggest loser. What if I do what the monkey does not expect and what it fear most? That would really knock it off-guard.

Ooooo…..I just love it when I have a devious mind. It is so…..so……so me. Dear
Monkey, please bear in mind that you have just chosen a wrong person to mess with and I won't stop at nothing to get my sweet revenge! The time will come...yes, it will come sooner.


It is not the usual me to blog about something that spoilt my day because I never even bother to rethink about it or digging it and normally I just let it go. But time and again, when things keep turning up and continue to put stumbling blocks on my path, one could not help but to feel extremely upset with such moronic attitude. The numerous act of mocking, taunting, thought -provoking and sarcasm really disfigured my emotion. Well, a moron is as a moron does! In short, only a moron with a pea-sized brain owns such an ape-like behaviour. Last but not least, monkey, finally you've caught my attention and please watch your steps! A monkey always forgets a trap but a trap will never forget its prey...

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