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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Tawaran Masuk ke MRSM Tingkatan 1 & 4 2009

Berdasarkan kenyataan rasmi di laman web MARA, portal aplikasi semakan online dibuka untuk semakan bagi permohonan ke Tingkatan Satu dan Tingkatan Empat.

Untuk menyemak keputusan kemasukan, sediakan nombor angka giliran (bagi pelajar Tingkatan 1) dan nombor kad pengenalan (bagi pelajar Tingkatan 4). Sekiranya anda tidak berjaya, bersabar sesungguhnya setiap peristiwa itu ada rahmat yang tersembunyi dari Tuhan. Tetapkan hati untuk terus bersyukur dan bersabar.

Tidak seperti SBP, MARA tidak menyediakan kemudahan E-Rayuan. Rayuan untuk kemasukan ke MRSM adalah dengan surat rasmi, lengkap dengan lampiran dokumen serta surat sokongan (jika ada).

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Takwim Peperiksaan Awam 2009

TAHUN 2009

Ujian Bertulis 8 - 10 September 2009

Ujian Bertulis 7 - 9 Oktober 2009

12-13 Oktober 2009

Amali 20 - 22 Oktober 2009

26 - 27 Oktober 2009
Ujian Bertulis 19 November - 16 Disember 2009

Ujian Lisan 13 - 24 Julai 2009
Ujian Bertulis 19 - 21 Oktober 2009

SPM (Ulangan)

23 - 24 Jun 2009

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

He did it again...and this time in Dubai...

Looks like he's sleeping... Read more here

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Anulus Eclipse

KOMBINASI gambar menunjukkan bulan bergerak melintasi matahari di Bandar Lampung, Indonesia semalam.

Gerhana separuh atau gerhana anulus dianggap kurang penting kepada ahli astronomi kerana ia berlaku sebanyak 66 kali dalam setiap abad dan hanya boleh disaksikan di lokasi-lokasi tertentu sahaja.

Kebanyakan lokasi di Indonesia dari Sumatera hingga ke Kalimantan, hanya penduduk di Pulau Cocos dapat menyaksikan gerhana penuh.

Gerhana separuh melitupi satu peratus hingga 84 peratus diameter matahari turut dapat dilihat di wilayah selatan Afrika, tenggara India, Asia Tenggara dan sebahagian Australia.

Gerhana matahari penuh pernah berlaku pada 1 Ogos 2008 di Kanada, Greenland, Artik, Rusia, Mongolia dan China.

Gerhana penuh yang berikutnya ialah pada 22 Julai depan. Gerhana itu akan dapat disaksikan oleh penduduk di India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, China dan Jepun.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Zodiac Guide to Ox Year

A peek at what’s in store for this year.

At a glance
Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Ram, Rooster, Dog, Pig
Not so lucky: Horse, Monkey, Rat

THE wheel of fortune changes every year. You could be down one year, on top of the world, the next. So what does the Year of the Earth Ox hold for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs? Feng shui master Wong Keen Ming clues you in:


This is your lucky year; everything is favourable. You’re probably the luckiest of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. You’ll make significant progress in your career. Big money comes your way and you’ll enjoy good health.

Career: You have two important lucky stars. You could be promoted and can expect a windfall.

Love life: You’re not so lucky in love this year. The female Ox wants to bask in luxury, while the male Ox is in a foul mood. Relationships may turn cold.

Health: The Ox loves sports and healthy food, and rarely gets sick. In fact, the Ox will enjoy better health this year. The young Ox should not have too much of a good time lest he/she gets into trouble.

Take note: Remember the old Chinese saying: Never forget the hard times when you’re lucky.


You have no lucky or unlucky stars. Work hard and you’ll be rewarded. It’s a year of changes; whether these are good or bad depends on you.

Career: You have more chances to go abroad this year. You’ll impress your clients and co-workers with your performance. Your boss will appreciate your efforts.

Love life: There’s a lonely star influencing you. Married Tigers may have little time to talk to their spouse, so there may be a communication breakdown. Single Tigers can hardly find any new love interest.

Health: Young Tigers will have a common health problem this year. Old Tigers should take good care of their health because of two unlucky stars.

Take note: It’s an average year – the outcome will depend on your attitude. Work hard and don’t miss good opportunities.


The Rabbit is more comfortable with the Pig (which symbolises endings) rather than the Rat (which is associated with new beginnings). You will enjoy good luck, especially in love. But the luck element is missing in health and wealth-related matters.

Career: You’ll meet a strong lucky star that will help you when you’re in trouble. You may make significant progress in your career, and may even get promoted. Be warned that several unlucky stars around you could create obstacles when you’re close to success. Although you’ll make more money this year, be wise in how you use it. It’s not a good year for speculative investments.

Love life: The Rabbit is gentle, talented in art, cares for his friends and makes people feel at ease. The single Rabbit can look forward to an abundance of opportunities. Married Rabbits will find family life is great fun.

Health: Your health is under the influence of an unlucky star, and you may get hurt in an accident. You’re often in a bad mood due to lack of sleep.

Take note: Have enough sleep. Be careful while driving or crossing the road. Focus on your career and love life.


It’s a tough year. Three big lucky stars are hanging over you but lots of small unlucky stars are around you, too. Double your efforts to ward off negative elements and you’ll achieve success. With a strong will and hard work, you’ll have a great year.

Career: With strong lucky stars smiling on you, you’ll have success in elections, exams and promotions. However, matters involving documents and contracts may lend you in trouble. Beware of rumours and gossip-mongers.

Love life: The single Dragon will be lonely most of the time. The married Dragon is likely to spend nights alone as your spouse is often away.

Health: You cannot sleep well at night. During the day, you cannot concentrate on your work. Make sure you have ample rest.

Take note: You’re vulnerable to accidents this year, so be alert.


This is a favourable year because there’s a big lucky star smiling on you although there are also several small unlucky stars in the corner. You can make steady progress.

Career: Arguments with co-workers will slow work down. You may disappoint your boss. Your co-workers might fight with you for a promotion. You can count on your lucky star to help you when you’re in trouble.

Love life: You’ll meet lots of small obstacles. The married Snake will quarrel with his/her spouse. The single Snake will find new love interests. Seize the chance or it will slip away soon enough.

Health: You have an unlucky star influencing your health, and may suffer poor health. It’s not a good time to travel.

Take note: Try to control your desire to shop. Spend more time with your family and play more sports.


You may be the one with the worst luck among the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. You’ve no lucky star but lots of unlucky stars. Tread carefully.

Career : You may make major mistakes at work, so scrutinise contracts and agreements carefully. This is not a good year to make money. Avoid speculative investments.

Love life: The proud Horse does not want to get involved. The old Horse’s spouse is vulnerable to major illnesses. The single Horse may not meet his/her dream date.

Health: As you’re unlucky this year, avoid going to hospitals and funerals. Your health is not too good. You may not have energy left for anything unrelated to your job. Avoid unnecessary social events and take an extended rest instead.

Take note: If you have Ox friends, keep in touch with them as they could pass some good luck to you. Be cautious in everything you do, to avert disasters.


Generally, it’s a favourable year. You have three big lucky stars but several unlucky stars around you. So you can expect to face some obstacles on the road to success.

Career: This is the time for you to shine. Two lucky stars smile on your career. You should make significant progress and get promoted. Don’t be over-confident when you have achieved success. The salaried Ram may make more than sufficient money. It’s a good time for investments and new business ventures.

Love life: With the influence of two unlucky stars, the Ram is likely to have arguments with his/her love interest. But you get to know each other better and take your relationship to the next level.

Health: Watch out for signs of increased stress or burn-out. Take a good rest.

Take note: Although you may feel like a superhero, you’re definitely not one. Take precautions, like everyone else.


This will be a challenging year as all the lucky stars around you are gone. You’re likely to face problems alone.

Career: With the lack of lucky stars, the Monkey can hardly make any significant progress. Although you’re willing to do your best, it’s hard to satisfy the boss. Someone who dislikes you will spread rumours and gossip about you. People around you may misunderstand you. This is not a good time to invest or begin new business ventures.

Love life: You enjoy good luck in matters of the heart. The married Monkey will enjoy a peaceful family life. The Monkey in love will be in for a good time. The single Monkey may find a new romantic interest, depending on his/her attitude.

Health: You’re vulnerable to illness as you’re under the influence of a strong unlucky star. You’re accident-prone too, so be more alert. While walking on the street, be careful of things falling from the sky, which may hurt you badly.

Take note: The Monkey must try to follow the rules. Your foes may want to hurt you; don’t let them.


Opportunities await you this year. You should have good luck in career, romance and wealth. But you also have some unlucky stars.

Career: With three big lucky stars smiling on you, you should make significant progress in your career. You need not go out of your way to look for opportunities as they will come to you. If you do your best, you’ll achieve success. The Rooster loves luxury and works hard to procure a better life. A significant amount of money could come your way this year, perhaps an unexpected inheritance.

Love life: The married Rooster will enjoy a wonderful family life. The single Rooster should prepare to begin a new relationship. It’s a nice time for Roosters to get married and have a baby.

Health: If pregnant, the female Rooster must tread carefully. The male Rooster may have liver problems, so watch your health.

Take note: Talk less, work more.


You’ll enjoy good luck this year as you have two lucky stars. Your career and health should be fine. However, your career can drain you of energy.

Career: You’re likely to be promoted to a position of authority, owing to your loyalty to the company. However, you lack assistants to help you achieve greater success, and you need to work doubly hard.

Fortunately, the Dog is never afraid of hardship. With patience, success is possible. Meanwhile, you have two unlucky stars, so be cautious and abide by the rules.

Love life: The married Dog will find unconditional love within the family. The Dog in love may bring his/her relationship to a new level. The single Dog may find a new romantic interest.

Health: You should enjoy good health as long as you avoid stress-related issues.

Take note: Spend more time with your family. Be careful of being exploited or betrayed.


It’s an average year. You have a lucky star and several unlucky stars. You’re under the influence of the unlucky stars in the first half of the year. You may get off to a slow start, but the later part of the year will present better opportunities.

Career: You’re likely to get promoted. If you have your own business, chances are you could see an increase in sales or a decrease in debts. It’s not good to make speculative investments in the first half of the year. Do not gamble or buy lottery tickets. You must give up the habit of pursuing a luxurious lifestyle.

Love life: When it comes to love, you’ve the best luck among the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. Watch your step so you won’t be caught in the love trap.

The married Pig will enjoy a wonderful family life this year. The Pig in love will take his/her relationship to the next level. The single Pig has great opportunities to meet Mr/Miss Right.

Health: If you push yourself too hard in your money-making ventures, it could affect your health. You could fall sick or have an accident, especially if you’re involved in manual labour.

Take note: Get enough sleep.


You’re not as lucky as last year. There are several unlucky stars influencing the Rat. However, there are still eight favourable months ahead. Your luck in career and wealth is good, but not in love and health.

Career: You have a lucky star this year. Your boss will appreciate your talents and you will get the promotion you’ve been eyeing. But it won’t happen if you don’t fight for it. For merchants, bankers and sales people, you will make more than sufficient money.

Love life: Rats are not lucky in love this year. For married people, you’ll have frequent quarrels with your spouse. For those in love, it’s not a good time to push the existing relationship to the next level. Your love interest could have a change of heart. For singles, set aside some time for social life and you might find a new love interest, but do not expect things to develop rapidly.

Health: You’re vulnerable to accidents and diseases. Too much pressure and lack of sleep might lead to poor health. Go for an annual medical check-up.

Take note: Remember the old Chinese saying: Having good health is good luck.


Saturday, 24 January 2009

Latest Photos of Proton MPV 2009

Click the picture for larger image

Semakan Online Tawaran Masuk Ke SBP Tingkatan 4 2009

Bagi lepasan PMR 2008 yang telah memohon ke Tingkatan Empat di Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (SBP) untuk kemasukan 2009, boleh semak status tawaran anda di pautan di bawah ini.

Klik sini --> Aplikasi Semakan Online | ERayuan <--Klik sini

Semakan boleh dibuat mulai 24/01/ 2009 - 17/02/2009.
Tahniah, jika anda berjaya. Jika tidak berjaya, - terus buat e-Rayuan di laman yang sama.

Keputusan MRSM Tingkatan Empat dijangka hujung bulan Januari, merangkap selepas Raya Cina, merangkap minggu depan. Semoga berjaya.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Kenapa Perempuan Mudah Menangis...

Suatu hari, seorang anak bertanya kepada ibunya, “Ibu, mengapa ibu menangis?”
Ibunya menjawab, “Sebab ibu adalah perempuan, nak.”

“Saya tidak mengerti ibu,” kata si anak.

Ibunya hanya tersenyum dan memeluknya erat. “Nak, kau memang tak akan mengerti.”

Kemudian si anak bertanya kepada ayahnya. “Ayah, mengapa ibu menangis?”
“Ibumu menangis tanpa sebab yang jelas,” sang ayah menjawab.

“Semua perempuan memang sering menangis tanpa alasan.”

Si anak membesar menjadi remaja, dan dia terus tertanya-tanya, mengapa perempuan menangis? Hingga pada suatu malam, dia bermimpi dan bertanya kepada Tuhan, “Ya Allah, mengapa perempuan mudah menangis?” Dalam mimpinya dia merasa seolah-olah mendengar jawapannya:

“Saat Ku ciptakan wanita, Aku membuatnya menjadi sangat utama.

Kuciptakan bahunya, agar mampu menahan seluruh beban dunia dan isinya, walaupun juga bahu itu harus cukup nyaman dan lembut untuk menahan kepala bayi yang sedang tertidur.

Kuberikan wanita kekuatan untuk dapat melahirkan bayi dari rahimnya, walau kerap berulangkali menerima cerca dari si bayi itu apabila dia telah membesar.

Kuberikan keperkasaan yang akan membuatnya tetap bertahan, pantang menyerah saat semua orang sudah putus asa.

Ku berikan kesabaran jiwa untuk merawat keluarganya walau dia sendiri letih, walau sakit, walau penat, tanpa berkeluh kesah.

Kuberikan wanita perasaan peka dan kasih sayang untuk mencintai semua anaknya dalam apa jua keadaan dan situasi. Walau acapkali anak-anaknya itu melukai perasaan dan hatinya. Perasaan ini pula yang akan memberikan kehangatan pada anak- anak yang mengantuk menahan lelap. Sentuhan inilah yang akan memberikan kenyamanan saat didakap dengan lembut olehnya.

Kuberikan wanita kekuatan untuk membimbing suaminya melalui masa-masa sukar dan menjadi pelindung baginya. Sebab bukankah tulang rusuk yang melindungi setiap hati dan jantung agar tak terkoyak...?

Kuberikan kepadanya kebijaksanaan dan kemampuan untuk memberikan pengertian dan menyedarkan bahawa suami yang baik adalah yang tidak pernah melukai isterinya. Walau seringkali pula kebijaksanaan itu akan menguji setiap kesetiaan yang diberikan kepada suami agar tetap berdiri sejajar, saling melengkapi dan saling menyayangi.

Dan akhirnya, Kuberikan wanita air mata, agar dapat mencurahkan perasaannya. Inilah yang khusus kepada wanita, agar dapat dia gunakan bila-bila masa pun dia inginkan. Ini bukan kelemahan bagi wanita, kerana sebenarnya air mata ini adalah “air mata kehidupan.”

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Semakan tawaran kemasukan ke Sekolah Menengah Teknik mulai 10 Februari 2009

Semakan tawaran kemasukan ke Sekolah Menengah Teknik (SMT) boleh diketahui keputusan secara online mulai 10 Februari, 2009. Ini diikuti oleh pendaftaran kemasukan pelajar baru serentak di semua SMT pada 23 Februari, 2009.

Pengarah Bahagian Pendidikan Teknikal dan Vokasional, Kementerian Pelajaran, Datuk Yusoff Harun, mengumumkan bahawa lebih 250,000 permohonan telah diterima secara online daripada lepasan PMR. Apa yang menariknya, hanya 32,370 tempat sahaja disediakan di 90 buah Sekolah Menengah Teknik (SMT) seluruh negara. Jika dianalisa, nampaknya kira-kira 13% pemohon sahaja yang bakal menerima tawaran, dan 87% lagi tetap meneruskan pembelajaran di sekolah asal.

Daripada keseluruhan 32,370 tempat di SMT, peruntukan 12,210 tempat untuk aliran teknik, vokasional (15,500) dan kemahiran (4,660).

Ya, data yang diumumkan di atas tentunya belum ditapis, mungkin ada yang tidak cukup syarat minimum permohonan dan mungkin bilangannya kecil. Cuma sebahagian pemohon belum betul-betul nampak apa sebenarnya bentuk pendidikan yang dipohon oleh mereka, apa potensi pendidikan seterusnya serta arah kerjaya masa depan. Pilihan ke SMT bermakna kita telah mengarahkan fokus masa depan ke satu arah tertentu dan menafikan bakat dan peluang kita yang mungkin lebih cerah jika kekal di sekolah harian biasa.

Sekolah harian biasa memberikan peluang lebih luas meliputi aliran sains, kemanusiaan, mata pelajaran vokasional (MPV) dan ada yang beraliran agama. Di sekolah harian biasa juga, anda boleh mendaftar maksimum 25 subjek untuk SPM (jika memang power!) berbanding had-had bilangan tertentu di SMT apatah lagi SBP/MRSM. Sekolah harian biasa juga sentiasa cuba menawarkan persekitaran pembelajaran yang kondusif dan sebaiknya untuk anda semua.

Di sekolah sekarang, anda tetap boleh belajar seperti biasa, makan masakan ibu setiap hari (tentu sedap, kan?) dan ada waktu senggang untuk beriadah bersama rakan setiap hari. Cuma, perlukan sedikit disiplin diri yang sepatut telah wujud bagi pelajar yang matang dalam usia 16 tahun. Anda sepatutnya tahu mengurus masa anda sendiri. Sebab itu, tanpa disiplin dan kemahuan kental, terdapat sebilangan pelajar SMT memohon berpindah semula ke sekolah harian biasa. Dan ianya bukan mudah! Perlukan kelulusan dari Bahagian Pendidikan Teknikal dan Vokasional, Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia.

Ingat, apabila tempat ditawarkan pada anda, bermakna tempat telah disediakan untuk menikmati pendidikan selama 2 tahun di SMT berkenaan (termasuk kemudahan asrama. ia juga bermaksud akan ada orang lain yang betul-betul berminat nak masuk tetapi gagal disebabkan anda yang berjaya mendapat tempat. Jika anda belajar dan kemudian tidak berasa sesuai dengan pendidikan teknikal/vokasional - fikirkan betapa kasihannya pada calon kemasukan ambilan kedua (jika ada) kerana tertinggal pelajaran di awal sesi.

Moral of the story:

Jika anda masih kabur dengan cita-cita sendiri, keliru mengapa memohon ke SMT, memohon kerana terikut rakan-rakan, memohon kerana suka-suka; baik timbang semula. Jumpa guru bimbingan & kaunseling sekolah, bincang dengan ibu bapa, fikir dalam-dalam - dan buat keputusan. Masa depan kita di tangan Tuhan, tetapi akal diberi untuk kita memilih jalan, membuat keputusan.

Selamat berjaya.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Semakan Online kemasukan MRSM Ting. 1 & Ting. 4 2009 pada akhir Januari

Ketua Pengarah Mara, Datuk Nam Marthinin berkata, MARA menerima 16,750 permohonan untuk mengisi 6,839 tempat Tingkatan Empat yang disediakan di sebanyak 41 MRSM tahun ini dan mereka boleh menyemak permohonan pada minggu akhir bulan ini.

Bagi pengambilan pelajar Tingkatan Satu di MRSM pula, MARA menerima 25,097 permohonan bagi mengisi 5,330 tempat.

"Tahun ini dua MRSM baru akan dibuka bagi pengambilan pelajar Tingkatan Satu, iaitu MRSM Betong, sarawak; dan MRSM Bentong, Pahang.

"Selain itu, MRSM Kota Putra di Besut, dipilih MRSM Agama pertama melaksanakan konsep Ulul Albab dengan pengambilan pelajar baru Tingkatan Satu pada 19 Februari," katanya.

(Sumber: Kenyataan akhbar: 7/1/2009)

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Rahsia di sebalik tanda tangan

Makna tersirat di sebalik tanda tangan:

1. Satu garisan di bawah tanda tangan
· Seorang yang sangat yakin
· Ada personaliti yang hebat
· Agak mementingkan diri sendiri
· Percaya bahawa kebahagiaan dalam hidup sangat perlu

2. Dua titik di bawah tanda tangan
· Anda romantik
· Mudah bertukar pasangan macam tukar baju
· Memilih kecantikan (bagi lelaki)
· Sentiasa berusaha untuk kelihatan cantik (bagi wanita)
· Mudah menarik perhatian orang untuk berdamping

3. Satu titik di bawah tanda tangan
· Anda kelihatan mudah dan tenang
· Cepat hilang kepercayaan pada orang anda percayai apabila dikhianati

4. Tiada garisan/titik di bawah tanda tangan
· Seronok dengan kehidupan
· Ikut gaya dan cara sendiri
· Kurang memberikan perhatian pada pandangan orang lain

5. Tanda tangan yang tiada kaitan dengan nama
· Anda sentiasa berusaha supaya smart
· Suka berselindung
· Jarang mengambil pandangan orang lain sebagai panduan hidup
· Yakin dengan kebolehan diri sendiri

6. Tanda tangan berasaskan ejaan nama tapi sukar nampak
· Anda cerdik tapi kurang hendak berfikir
· Anda cepat menukar pandangan dan idea

7. Tanda tangan huruf satu-satu, tidak bersambung
· Seorang yang sangat prihatin
· Tidak pentingkan diri sendiri
· Sanggup berkorban apa saja untuk orang lain
· Seorang pemikir
· Seorang yang mudah serik

8. Tanda tangan ikut ejaan nama dengan huruf yang jelas
· Seorang yang sangat baik
· Boleh menyesuaikan diri dalam apa juga keadaan atau dengan siapa saja anda berurusan
· Tegas dengan pendapat sendiri
· Ada semangat yang tinggi

Monday, 19 January 2009

Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang...

Yang tulus ikhlas
Ingin sekali sekala dirinya dibalas
Walau hanya dengan dakapan di angin lalu

Yang selalu memberi
Ingin sekali sekala jadi penerima
Cukup dengan salam dan manis doa

Aku ingin kau merasakan hebatnya cinta
Dan leburkan saja serpihan calar derita

Selamat ulang tahun sayang
Kini kau bersayap, pergilah terbang
Rentaslah langit cita cita mu
Harap nanti kita ‘kan bertemu

Selamat ulang tahun sayang
Janganlah engkau tak terbang pulang
Ku nanti penuh kerinduan
Selamat tinggal, selamat jalan

Aku hanya inginkan engkau setia
Kerana setia yang mencipta bahagiamu

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Golden phrases

LOVELY, rich, shining gold is one of the most coveted metals on earth. Linguists also point out that “gold” is one of the oldest four words in English, the others being “bad”, “tin” and “apple”.

In honour of this precious metal, let's take a look at some common auric phrases.

Gold digger

Around 1830, this was purely a job description. But from 1920 onwards, the term took on a nasty connotation, referring to people who enter into relationships in order to enrich themselves.

Gold digging is still thriving today. An excellent description of the gold digger’s tactics made the single Gold Digger by Kanye West a number one hit in 2005.

Although men can be gold diggers, the phrase is mostly used to describe women. Male gold diggers are more often called parasites.

Example: I knew Yazmin was a gold digger by the way her eyes lit up when she spotted Rahman’s platinum credit card.

Golden age

A time in history when the people are prosperous, arts flourish and good times are had by all. Also a euphemism for retirement.

Vedic, Greek, Latin and Persian culture believed mankind lived in a Golden Age until tempted into the first evil. European scholars commonly use the phrase for the years 70BC to 14AD when the great Latin authors such as Ovid, Catullus, and Horace were at work.

Today, the expression is used more loosely to describe any thriving period. For example, many scholars refer to the Song (960-1279) and Tang (618-906) dynasties in China, the Renaissance, and other periods as golden ages as well.

The second sense became popular in the 1980s. The term golden ager is now a common synonym for senior citizen and pensioner in the United States.

Examples: 1) The 1930s are unquestionably the golden age of jazz. 2) We’re meeting a group of golden agers tonight.

To be worth your weight in gold

To be very useful; to be very valuable.

A few years ago, someone calculated that a person weighing around 60kg would be worth about US$1 million in gold. Although the price of gold fluctuates somewhat, there must be plenty of celebrities and rich folk around today who are valued at such a price.

However, this phrase, which first found print in 1705, is most often applied to office staff who can sort out problems without bothering the boss; to charity workers who can smooze money out of tight-fisted sponsors; and other talented people who have less than a million smackers in the bank.

Example: Rafli is competent but Nasha is worth her weight in gold.

The golden rule

A basic principle that will ensure success in a particular venture.

This expression used to refer to the Bible (Matt. 7:12) where Jesus advocates “do as you would be done by”. However, the meaning has blurred quite considerably over time, and it is now often used as the equivalent of a “prime directive” rather than an oblique reference to the biblical injunction.

Example: The golden rule of self-defence is to not get yourself into dangerous situations needlessly.

To have a heart of gold

To be noble-hearted or very good as a person.

First used in print in 1553, the phrase describes the person with a heart of gold as someone who is above petty grudges and ordinary nastiness.

Funnily enough, the phrase is often associated with prostitutes who are often caricatured as rough and tough but basically much kinder and more forgiving than the average citizen.

Fantasy sci-fi lovers will also recognise The Heart of Gold as the name of the extraordinary powerful spaceship stolen by Zaphod Beeblebrox.

Example: Sathiswaran often scolds his relatives for not working hard enough but he actually has a heart of gold.

All that glistens/glitters is not gold

A proverb that warns we should not be fooled into thinking well of something or someone just because it looks attractive.

This proverb appears in many languages and in many cultures. The Yeoman in Chaucer’s classic Canterbury Tales (1385) uses it to caution fellow passengers against his boss who pretends to have a gift for turning base metal into gold.

Lord of the Rings fans will recognise an allusion to the phrase in the poem that describes Aragorn, “All that is gold does not glitter,/ Not all those who wander are lost.”

Example: The car looks great but all that glistens isn’t gold. The aerodynamics and the engine are second-rate.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Istimewanya Wanita...

1. Doa wanita lebih makbul daripada lelaki kerana sifat penyayang yang lebih kuat daripada lelaki. Ketika ditanya kepada Rasulullah S.A.W akan hal tersebut, jawab baginda: “Ibu lebih penyayang daripada bapa dan doa orang yang penyayang tidak akan sia-sia.”

2. Wanita yang solehah (baik) itu lebih baik daripada 1,000 orang lelaki yang soleh.

3. Barang siapa yang menggembirakan anak perempuannya, darjatnya seumpama orang yang sentiasa menangis kerana takutkan Allah S.W.T dan orang yang takutkan Allah S.W.T akan diharamkan api neraka ke atas tubuhnya.

4. Barang siapa yang membawa hadiah (barang makanan dari pasar ke rumah)l alu diberikan kepada keluarganya, maka pahalanya seperti bersedekah. Hendaklah mendahulukan anak perempuan daripada anak lelaki. Maka barang siapa yang menyukakan anak perempuan seolah-olah dia memerdekakan anak Nabi Ismail A.S

5. Wanita yang tinggal bersama anak-anaknya akan tinggal bersama aku (Rasulullah S.A.W) di dalam syurga.

6. Barang siapa mempunyai tiga anak perempuan atau tiga saudara perempuan atau dua anak perempuan atau dua saudara perempuan, lalu dia bersikap ihsan dalam pergaulan dengan mereka dan mendidik mereka dengan penuh rasa takwa serta bertanggungjawab, maka baginya adalah syurga.

7. Daripada Aisyah r.a. “Barang siapa yang diuji dengan sesuatu daripada anak-anak perempuannya, lalu dia berbuat baik kepada mereka, maka mereka akan menjadi penghalang baginya daripada api neraka.

8. Syurga itu di bawah telapak kaki ibu.

9. Apabila memanggil akan engkau kedua orang ibubapamu, maka jawablah panggilan ibumu dahulu.

10. Wanita yang taat berkhidmat kepada suaminya akan tertutup pintu-pintu neraka dan terbuka pintu-pintu syurga. Masuklah dari mana-mana pintu yang dia kehendaki dengan tidak dihisab.

11. Wanita yang taat akan suaminya, semua ikan-ikan di laut, burung di udara, malaikat di langit, matahari dan bulan, semuanya beristighfar baginya selama mana dia taat kepada suaminya dan didikannya (serta menjaga sembahyang dan puasanya).

12. Aisyah r.a berkata “Aku bertanya kepada Rasulullah S.A.W, siapakah yang lebih besar haknya terhadap wanita? Jawab baginda,… “Suaminya.” “Siapa pula berhak terhadap lelaki?” Jawab Rasulullah S.A.W….”Ibunya. “

13. Perempuan apabila sembahyang lima waktu, puasa sebulan Ramadan, memelihara kehormatannya serta taat akan suaminya, masuklah dia dari pintu syurga mana sahaja yang dia kehendaki.

14. Tiap perempuan yang menolong suaminya dalam urusan agama, maka Allah S.W.T memasukkan dia ke dalam syurga lebih dahulu daripada suaminya (10,000 tahun).

15. Apabila seseorang perempuan mengandung janin dalam rahimnya, maka beristighfarlah para malaikat untuknya. Allah S.W.T mencatatkan baginya setiap hari dengan 1,000 kebaikan dan menghapuskan darinya 1,000 kejahatan.

16. Apabila seseorang perempuan mulai sakit hendak bersalin, maka Allah S.W.T mencatatkan baginya pahala orang yang berjihad pada jalan Allah S.W.T

17. Apabila seseorang perempuan melahirkan anak, keluarlah dia daripada dosa-dosa seperti keadaan ibunya melahirkannya.

18. Apabila telah lahir (anak) lalu disusui, maka bagi ibu itu setiap satu tegukan daripada susunya diberi satu kebajikan.

19. Apabila semalaman (ibu) tidak tidur dan memelihara anaknya yang sakit, maka Allah S.W.T memberinya pahala seperti memerdekakan 70 orang hamba dengan ikhlas untuk membela agama Allah S.W.T.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Jangan terlalu memilih cinta...

Suatu pagi yang dingin, terjadilah satu perbualan di antara seorang guru falsafah dan pelajarnya…

Pelajar: Guruku, apakah erti cinta..? Bagaimanakah aku boleh memahaminya…?

Guru: Baiklah, terdapat sebuah hutan yang luas di hadapan sana. Berjalanlah kamu di dalamnya dan jangan sesekali kamu berundur. Di dalam perjalananmu itu, ambillah satu ranting yang sangat menakjubkan dan bawanya kemari. Sekiranya kamu berjaya menemukannya, ertinya kamu telah memahami erti cinta.

Pelajar tersebut pun berjalanlah menuju hutan dan setelah beberapa hari dia kembali dengan tangan kosong.

Guru bertanya: Kenapakah kamu tidak membawa pulang sebatang ranting pun…?

Pelajar menjawab: Sebenarnya aku telah menjumpai satu ranting yang paling menakjubkan tetapi aku berharap kemungkinan akan ada ranting yang lebih menakjubkan di hadapan sana nanti, maka aku biarkan sahaja ranting itu. Aku meneruskan perjalanan, malangnya aku dapati tiada lagi ranting yang paling menakjubkan selain daripada ranting yang ku lihat tadi. Akhirnya aku pulang tanpa sebatang ranting pun.

Gurunya menjawab: Begitulah cinta…

Di hari lainnya pula pelajar tersebut bertanya kepada gurunya, apa itu perkahwinan…?

Guru: Pergilah semula ke hutan di hadapan sana. Berjalanlah kamu di dalamnya tetapi janganlah kamu sesekali mengundur ke belakang. Tebanglah sepohon pokok sahaja. Tebanglah ia jika kamu merasakan bahawa pohon tersebut adalah yang paling cantik, segar dan tinggi, kerana sesungguhnya kamu telah menemukan apa itu perkahwinan.

Pelajar tersebut pun pergilah ke hutan dan beberapa hari kemudian, dia kembali dengan membawa sepohon pokok, walaupun pohon tersebut tidaklah begitu segar, cantik dan tinggi pada pandangan gurunya.

Maka gurunya pun bertanya: Mengapakah kamu memotong pohon seperti ini….?

Pelajar itu menjawab: Berpegang pada pengalaman ku sebelum ini, setelah meredah separuh daripada hutan tersebut, aku menjadi takut dan bimbang akan kembali dengan tangan kosong. Jadi aku mengambil kesempatan menebang pohon ini lalu membawanya pulang. Pada pandanganku, ia adalah pohon yang terbaik buatku. Aku tidak mahu kehilangannya atau menyesal kerana tidak memilihnya…

Maka guru itu menjawab: Sesungguhnya begitulah halnya dengan perkahwinan…

Moral of the story:

Usahlah terlalu memilih cinta, ditakuti anda akan terlepasnya dan janganlah terlalu memilih jodoh, terimalah pasangan anda seadanya. Tidak ada manusia yang sempurna di dunia ini. Setiap insan pasti ada kelebihan dan kekurangannya.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Nasib Orang Bujang...

Bila nak kahwin???
Di sini orang bertanya
Di sana orang menyoal
Tidak kira teman mahu kenalan
Asyik-asyik itu sahaja yang jadi bualan
Begitulah nasib orang bujang
Tidak kira lelaki mahupun perempuan

Bila nak kahwin???
Keluarga pun dah mula risau
Si teruna, emak bimbang jadi bujang terlajak
Si dara, ayah takut bergelar andalusia

Bila nak kahwin???
Jiran turut sama menumpang tanya
Bila dijawab jodoh belum ada
Kata mereka, kita kenalah usaha
Mandi bunga salah satu caranya
Tak pun mandi ais boleh dicuba (he..he..ni cadangan pelik kawan saya)

Bila nak kahwin???
Aduuuhh…si bujang disoal lagi
Kahwin??? Nak kahwin dengan siapa?
Calon pun takde.
Hah!!! Si bujang tu memilih sangat agaknya
Ewah-ewah sedap sungguh mulut berkata (si bujang ambil tunang @ suami awak, baru padan muka!)

Bila nak kahwin???
Akan si bujang kahwin jam-jam ni juga ( haa…haa…haa)
Andai memilih suami semudah bershopping di pasar malam
Atau semudah membeli VCD cetak rompak
Atau sesenang memakan twisties..(yummyyyyy)

Bila nak kahwin???
Aaahhh….sungguh si bujang bosan
Banyak yang lain boleh jadi persoalan
Kenapa asyik itu yang dihadapkan
Apa nak dihairankan
Lambat cepatnya jodoh, Allah yang tentukan.

Bila nak kahwin???
Pada yang masih bujang
Biarkanlah mereka terus bertanya
Usah ditunggu letih mulut mereka (Takkan letihnya sampai bebila...)
Kalau ada jodoh, InsyaAllah takkan ke mana.

Bila nak kahwin???
Pada yang asyik menanya
Usah dirisaukan jodoh orang
Jaga masjid sendiri agar tidak goyang
Lain orang lain rezekinya
Syukurlah dengan apa yang kita ada.

Moral of the story:


Monday, 12 January 2009

Kisah si tukang air dan dua tempayannya...

Seorang tukang air memiliki dua tempayan besar, masing-masing tergantung pada kedua hujung sebuah pikulan, yang dibawa menyilang pada bahunya.

Satu dari tempayan itu retak, sedangkan tempayan yang satu lagi tidak. Jika tempayan yang tidak retak itu selalu dapat membawa air penuh setelah perjalanan panjang dari mata air ke rumah majikannya, tempayan retak pula hanya dapat membawa air setengah penuh.

Selama dua tahun, hal ini terjadi setiap hari. Si tukang air hanya dapat membawa satu setengah tempayan air ke rumah majikannya. Tentu saja si tempayan yang tidak retak merasa bangga akan prestasinya, kerana dapat menunaikan tugasnya dengan sempurna. Namun si tempayan retak yang malang itu merasa malu sekali akan ketidaksempurnaannya dan merasa sedih sebab ia hanya dapat membekalkan setengah dari jumlah yang sepatutnya.

Setelah dua tahun tertekan oleh kegagalan pahit ini, tempayan retak itu berkata kepada si tukang air, "Saya sungguh malu dengan keadaan diriku dan saya ingin memohon maaf kepadamu."

"Kenapa?" tanya si tukang air, "Kenapa kamu merasa malu?"

"Saya hanya mampu, selama dua tahun ini, membawa setengah jumlah air dari yang seharusnya dapat saya bawa kerana adanya retakan pada sisi saya telah membuat air yang saya bawa bocor sepanjang jalan menuju rumah majikan kita. Kerana cacatku itu, saya telah membuatmu rugi." kata si tempayan retak.

Si tukang air merasa kasihan kepada si tempayan retak dan dengan belas kasihannya, dia berkata, "Jika kita kembali ke rumah majikan besok, aku ingin kamu memerhatikan bunga-bunga indah di sepanjang jalan."

Benar, ketika mereka naik ke bukit, si tempayan retak memerhatikan dan baru menyedari bahawa ada bunga-bunga indah di sepanjang sisi jalan, dan itu membuatnya sedikit terhibur. Namun pada akhir perjalanan, ia kembali sedih kerana separuh air yang dibawanya telah bocor, dan tempayan retak itu kembali meminta maaf pada si tukang air di atas kegagalannya.

Si tukang air berkata kepada tempayan itu,

"Apakah kamu memerhatikan adanya bunga-bunga di sepanjang jalan si sisimu tapi tidak ada bunga di sepanjang jalan di sisi tempayan yang lain yang tidak retak itu. Itu kerana aku selalu menyedari akan cacatmu dan aku memanfaatkannya. Aku telah menanam benih-benih bunga di sepanjang jalan di sisimu, dan setiap hari jika kita berjalan pulang dari mata air, kamu mengairi benih-benih itu. Selama dua tahun ini aku telah dapat memetik bunga-bunga indah itu untuk menghias meja majikan kita. Tanpa kamu sebagaimana kamu seadanya, majikan kita tak akan dapat menghias indah rumahnya dengan jambangan bunga-bungaan sebagaimana sekarang."

Moral of the story:

Pembaca yang budiman, setiap dari kita memiliki cacat dan kekurangan yang tersendiri. Kita semua adalah tempayan retak. Namun jika kita mahu, Tuhan akan mengurniakan kekurangan kita untuk kebaikan. Di mata Tuhan yang bijaksana, tidak ada yang terbuang percuma. Jangan takut akan kekurangan kita. Kenalilah kelemahan kita dan ketahuilah, di dalam kelemahan, kita sebenarnya menemui kekuatan.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

All about ASAP and FYI and FYA

ONE day, a colleague turned to me and asked, “What’s FYI?”

“For your information.”

“What’s FYA?”

“For your action.”

“What’s WRT?”

“With reference to...”

Before the conversation dragged on any further, I quickly looked up a website on acronyms used in business communications and sent it to him via e-mail.

This conversation made me realise that the full meaning of many acronyms and abbreviations may not be immediately apparent for many people – students or working adults alike.

For starters, an acronym is a word created from combining the initial letters of each word. For example, For your action.

An abbreviation is a word shortened from its original form. For example, “Attn.” is an abbreviation of the word “attention” to convey the meaning “for the attention of”.

In general, a full stop is used for abbreviations where the last letter of the word and the abbreviation are not the same. For example, “Co.” (Company) needs a full stop but “Ltd” (Limited) does not. Acronyms do not need punctuation marks.

Below are some frequently used short forms in business communication like e-mails, faxes and letters:

a.k.a. – also known as

On Monday morning, Kay El, a.k.a. The Boss, walked in happily and greeted her assistant, Pee Jay.

approx. – approximately

Checking her e-mail, Pee Jay read, “Today is the boss’s birthday. Can everyone please slip off quietly to the cafeteria in approx. 15 minutes?

ASAP – as soon as possible

Pee Jay opened up her daily planner and scribbled ASAP next to some of the urgent items on her to-do list.

Attn. – for the attention of

Leafing through the stack of mail to be sent out, Pee Jay asked her boss, “To whom should I address the cheque for the annual report?”

Her boss replied, “Just write ‘Attn: Ms. Chris-tine Jalleh’. She’ll know what to do with it.”

Bcc. – blind carbon copy or blind copy to. In this case, the carbon copy is sent to an e-mail recipient whose e-mail address is not visible to the cc or other bcc recipients.

“By the way, I think it’s better if you bcc me in your e-mail to Brown. We wouldn’t want him thinking that I’m supervising you for this project.”

Cc. – carbon copy, or copy to

“But I would like to be cc-ed on the e-mail to Mr Green as I have not yet introduced the both of you to each other.”

c/o – in care of, used when sending a document to A who will receive it on B’s behalf because B is away from the office.

“Boss, I think Christine is back in China this week. Would it be all right if I sent the cheque in care of her assistant? I’ll still write her name on top with c/o Ah Sis Tern below.”

COD – cash on delivery, where a person makes payment for an item purchase after it has been delivered.

“I’m also sending out the cheque for the set of Business English reference books we bought COD on eBay.”

e.g. – exempli gratia (for example)

Pee Jay replied to the e-mail, “Hi everyone. Please remember that the boss doesn’t like surprises, e.g. everyone shouting ‘Surprise!’ in the cafeteria.”

et al. – et alii (and others). Usually used to list co-authors after the lead author in a bibliography, this form is now popularly used to address the other people other than the recipient in e-mails.

She received a new e-mail, which read, “Dear Pee Jay et al., I was reminded that the boss does NOT like surprises ...”

etc. – et cetera (and so on OR and so forth)

This means that we will not be able to collectively surprise her by springing out of the cafeteria doors as we had planned, etc.

exc. – except

“Can everyone, exc. Pee Jay, be at the cafeteria in 5 minutes? We need to figure out a surprise without the surprise element. Thanks!”

FYI – for your information

Her boss’s voice brought the young assistant back to the present, “Pee Jay, I’m forwarding you all these e-mails FYI, okay?”

FYA – for your action

“Note that some of these e-mails are FYA ...”

i.e. – id est (that is)

After acknowledging her supervisor, Pee Jay decided to help her colleagues out and typed, “She’s in a good mood today, i.e. we won a new account and completed a major project.”

K – thousand, e.g. 450K = 450,000

“Just to give you an idea of her mood, it’s a 450K retainer for the first quarter ...”

PA – personal assistant

The immediate reply to Pee Jay’s e-mail read, “Thanks for the info, Pee Jay – you’re the best PA!”

p.a. – per annum (per year)

Pee Jay smiled and responded, “Haha, there is a reason why I’m paid RM65K p.a.”

p.p. - per pro (used when signing a document on someone’s behalf)

Looking back at her paperwork, Pee Jay signed some invoices on her boss’s behalf, inserting p.p. just before her signature.

Pto. – please turn over, used at the end of a page to indicate that there is a continuity to the text.

“By the way, please remember to type Pto. on the first page of the proposal you’re sending. The last time we sent it to him, he forgot to read the subsequent pages,” chimed in Kay El.

viz. – videlicet, namely

She got up and left a note on Pee Jay’s work station before leaving. Scribbled on it was, “Can I pass you my slice of birthday cake after I cut it? I really don’t need a lot of carbo, viz. refined flour, at my age.” The note ended with a wink.

Readers can go to http://http://www.acronymfinder.com// to search for the meanings of over 4 million acronyms and abbreviations. This online dictionary also allows users to filter their search according to categories like information technology (IT), military and government, business and finance, science and medicine, organisations and schools, and slang and pop culture.

Thursday, 1 January 2009